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Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Our Family

Products used: Dream St. paper, Bazzill Bling cardstock, Autumn Leaves stamp, Basic Grey paper, Daisy D's rub-on.

Because of you

Products used: Basic Grey paper, Bazzill cardstock, Daisy D's rub-ons Prima flower, 3 Bugs in a Rug brad.

My First Dentist Visit

Products used: My Mind's Eye paper and die-cut, Paper Bliss Embellishments, Bazzill Bling Cardstock


Products used: Fancy Pants paper, Prima flowers, MM big brad, Autumn Leaves rub-on


Bazzill Cardstock, Sweetwater doodling templates, Autumn Leaves stamp, Sizzix alpha die-cuts.

No, No Addison!

Products used: Fancy Pants paper, Bazzill cardstock, Prima Flowers, MM rub-ons, Autumn Leaves stamp, Chatterbox doodling genies.


Products used: Bazzill cardstock, Heidi Swapp stamp, Autumn Leaves Stamp

New Shoes

Products used" Bazzill cardstock, MM rub-ons, misc. brads


Products used: 3 Bugs in a Rug paper, Bazzill cardstock, 3 bugs in a rug stickers, chatterbox doodling genie

Look What I Can Do

Products used: Bazzill Bling cardstock, Bazzill cardstock, Autumn Leaves paper, Scenic Route rub-on, Chatterbox doodling genie.


Products used: Cosmo Cricket Storytime letters, Prima flower, Bazzill cardstock, Doodlebug jewel

Friday, September 7, 2007


Products used: Crate paper, Autumn Leaves stamp, Chatterbox Doodle Genie, Spare Parts mini brads, Bazzill cardstock, Pressed Petals.


Products Used: Crate paper, Autumn Leaves Stamps, Heidi Swapp stamp, Queen & Co. felt flower ribbon, MM rhinestone mini brad, 3 Bugs in a Rug brad.


Products used: Dream St. paper, Bazzill cardstock, Autumn Leaves rub-on, Autumn Leaves Stamp, Spare Parts mini brads.

Live Life to its Fullest

Products used: Autumn Leaves paper, Bazzill cardstock, Bazzill Bling Flower, Autumn Leaves stamp, Sweetwater doodling template, Doodlebug jewel, Around the Block shaped brad.


Products used: Bazzill Cardstock, Dream St. paper, Prima flower, Autumn Leaves Stamps, Queen & Co. shaped brad.


Products used: DCWV paper, Bazzill cardstock, Heidi Swapp stamps, Prima Flower, Autumn Leaves stamp, Doodlebug jewel, Queen & Co. shaped brad.


Products used: Bazzill Bling Cardstock, Prima flowers, Heidi Swapp stamp, Autumn Leaves Stamp, Dream St. paper, misc. ribbon, Queen & Co. felt ribbon, Doodlebug jewels, misc. mini brads.


Products used: Bazzill Bling Cardstock, Bazzill cardstock, Prima Flower, Autumn Leaves Stamp, Autumn Leaves Rub-on, Dream St. paper. Bazzill mini brads, K & Co. Stickers, Doodlebug jewels, Queen & Co. shaped brad.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Products used:
Bazzill cardstock, Autumn Leaves rub-on, MAMBI bling, Maya Rd. Velvet flowers, MM mini brads.

Having Fun in the Sun

Products Used:
Bazzill Bling Cardstock, Karen Foster rub-ons, Prima flower, MAMBI Bling


Products used: Bazzill cardstock, Bazzill Bling cardstock, Heidi Swapp Bling, Autumn Leaves rub-on, Queen & Co. shaped brad, Bazzill Bling flower, Queen & Co. felt flowers.


Products used: Bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey paper, Heidi Swapp Bling, Prima Flower, Autumn Leaves Stamp, MM jumbo brad, Autumn Leaves rub-on.


Products used: Dream St. paper, Bazzill Bling cardstock, Prima flower, Heidi Swapp stamp, MAMBI Bling

My Favorite Boys

Items used: Autumn Leaves paper, Bazzill cardstock, Bazzill Bling Cardstock, Maya Rd. velvet flowers, Autumn Leaves stamp, K &Co. stickers, MAMBI Bling, Shaped brads.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Having A Baby

This is the first page in Mac's scrapbook.
Products used: Bazzill Cardstock, Karen Foster rub-ons, Fancy Pants Blossoms, Autumn Leaves Acrylic Stamp, Rhinestone brads, MM ribbon, beads.

Brotherly Love

Products used: Bazzill Bling Cardstock, Maya Road Velvet Blossoms, MAMBI Rhinestone bling, Chatterbox Doodle Genie

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dream A Little Dream

Products used: BG Oh Boy! paper, Autumn Leaves acrylic stamps, ribbon, Maya Rd. velvet flowers, Bazzil Bling cardstock, Chatterbox Doodling Genies, Rhinestone brad.

Beautiful Boy

Products used: Crate Paper, Queen & Co. Felt flowers, rhinestone brads, Bazzill Bling cardstock, MM Rub-ons


Products used: Queen & Co. felt ribbon flowers, Bazzil cardstock and Bazzill Bling cardstock, MM rub-ons, Bling Blossom

Sweet Dreams

Products used: Dream St. paper, Bazzill cardstock, buttons, ribbon, Spare Parts red mini brads, MM rub-ons.

Mosh & Mac

Products used: BG Oh Boy! Paper, Bazzill cardstock, MAMBI Bling, MM rub-ons


Big Brothers Visit

Here are the boys giving kisses to their younger brother.


This is a collage of a bunch of pictures I took of Mac at the hospital.

Brotherly Love

This is a lay-out for MacAllistair's scrapbook ~ I will be doing another one similar to it for Griffin's scrapbook. I took these pictures on July 16th (the day MacAllistair was SUPPOSED to be born) :o)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MacAllistair and Mommy

Here is me and the Mac-Man! He is one day old in this picture.

MacAllistair Leif Harness!

Here he is! Baby Bird is here!!!

Here he is!

Here are two picture of Mac as he was being born. Weston was brave and peeked over the "tarp" to snap a couple of pictures :o)


Since we have a new bundle of joy in our house, I have a new little person to scrapbook for!

This lay-out is of me when I was in OB Triage just waiting for 5:30pm to roll around because that is when they could get me in for the c-section.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Bridge

While walking Griffin to Safety Town, the boys would always ask to stop and look at the water under the bridge, so every day, on the way to and from Safety School we'd stop and check out the water. While Griffin was in Safety Town, I let Paxton play for awhile on the playground equipment.

Paxton's birthday party

Here are some pictures from Paxton's birthday party. No, I am not actually caught up to 2007, it was just a lay-out I did for a sketch challenge :o)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Soakin' up the Rays

Here are the boys enjoying the big red bowl/tub. This is for Paxton's scrapbook.


Here is another lay-out that is done for Paxton. I am slowly catching up on his scrapbook!

5 generations

This is the 5 generations lay-out for Paxton's scrapbook.

Fishing Buddies

What a catch! Griffin and Poppa had a very successful fishing day!


Here is a lay-out that I completed for my cousin. I am working on an Army album for him and this was taken while he was deployed in Iraq.