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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Bridge

While walking Griffin to Safety Town, the boys would always ask to stop and look at the water under the bridge, so every day, on the way to and from Safety School we'd stop and check out the water. While Griffin was in Safety Town, I let Paxton play for awhile on the playground equipment.

Paxton's birthday party

Here are some pictures from Paxton's birthday party. No, I am not actually caught up to 2007, it was just a lay-out I did for a sketch challenge :o)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Soakin' up the Rays

Here are the boys enjoying the big red bowl/tub. This is for Paxton's scrapbook.


Here is another lay-out that is done for Paxton. I am slowly catching up on his scrapbook!

5 generations

This is the 5 generations lay-out for Paxton's scrapbook.

Fishing Buddies

What a catch! Griffin and Poppa had a very successful fishing day!


Here is a lay-out that I completed for my cousin. I am working on an Army album for him and this was taken while he was deployed in Iraq.

Splish Splash

Here is my sister supervising the boys as they cool off in a large bowl that Grams brought over. This lay-out is for Paxton's scrapbook.


Here is a spot you can check on the web for the lay-outs I have completed for the kids :o)